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“My four-legged child, Oliver, has been attending Willow Farm Doggy Daycare since he was 10 weeks old.  The first time Ollie went to doggy daycare I brought a caravan for all of his belongings and a 2-page instructional letter informing the staff of how to care for my little man and how he’s still in his puppy vampire stage of biting.  They smiled and reassured me that he would be okay and that he did not need an assortment of toys and pillows because they had a fun and enriching environment for all of the dogs to play in.  When I came back to pick Ollie up after his first day, I walked in to see all of the staff members cuddling and playing with my pup.  It was then that I knew this would be his second home.  Since then, Ollie has attended doggy daycare every day of the week for the past 2 years while I am at work, and he loves every moment of it.  BUT, the excellent service does not stop there!  The owner, Carolyn Tourville, dedicates her time and is very passionate about serving every dog to the best of her ability.  I have raised many dogs prior to bringing Oliver home, and I wish I would have known Carolyn then.  She has taken the time to answer all of my never-ending questions about what is best for my dog.  She is respectful and really takes the time to understand your pet’s needs and what will best align with your own personal time and financial position.  The items that they have for sale at the Willow Farm shop are holistic, healthy and safe for your pet, and the best part is the prices are realistic.  You know you are in good hands when the staff at Willow Farm is more concerned about ensuring your pet has the best life possible rather than just viewing you as a profitable customer.  Between the caring daycare staff and the owners, Carolyn and Tom, you are bound to feel at home at Willow Farm.  They don’t just care for your dog; they get to know you and care for your dog’s family as well.”

Kate F. ~ November, 2018

Facebook review of dog daycare at Willow Farm Pet Services in Vermont
Desiree G. ~ November, 2018

“Perhaps the best thing about your kennel is that you always have the “we can do anything you want us to do for your dog” attitude.  Your staff shares the same attitude; they are wonderful.  The first time that I dropped off my dogs, I saw a woman drop off her dog.  She opened the car door, and the dog bounded out of her car and leaped into your kennel.  He could not get into the house fast enough. I thought, there’s no way my dogs are ever going to do that! Well, last time I came, Riley got all excited as we came up the drive.  I opened the car door and, sure enough, he bounded through the kennel door to see all his friends.  So there you have it!  Thanks for everything; we’ll see you two days earlier than previously planned, if that is ok!”

Sheila P.

“WOW !!! Just wanted to pass along that I recently had an AMAZING experience with Willow Farm Grooming and Boarding located in Springfield/Chester – these folks are FANTASTIC – FANTASTIC – they are super warm, friendly, and care for your pet as if it were their own! I’ve had various experiences at other local kennels and groomers not been impressed with the outcome . BUT the small town, FAMILY atmosphere is second to none with Willow Farm.”

September 21, 2006, Source: Vermont Craigslist: Pets