Bentley, one of the owners' Pomeranians
Bentley (2006-2022)
Sweet Bella, one of the owner's Pomeranians
Sweet Bella aka Bell Bell (2008-2022)
Meet Briar!
Meet Briar! She’s helping Carolyn and Tom fill the huge hole in their hearts left when they lost both Bs within 2 weeks of each other.

Carolyn – Owner & Retail Store Manager
Owned Since:  2017   
Employed Since:  2010
Carolyn is a long time dog owner and lover.  She has been a vital part of the everyday function of the store since she was employed.  As the owner she has made and continues to make pivotal adjustments in all aspects of the business to ensure customer, employee, and (of course!) dog satisfaction.
Most likely to see her:  helping customers find the perfect products for their pet

Remi, sweetest girl pit bull owned by Carolyn and Tom of Willow Farm Pet Services in Vermont
Remi girl sitting with Tom

Tom – Owner and Maintenance
Owned and Employed Since: 2017
Tom is a necessary figure to help ensure the safety of all employees and dogs.  No matter the problem, big or small, he is always willing to help fix it, even if all that means is making a coffee run to Dunkin’ Donuts!
Most likely to see him:  with his pencil and paper figuring out what the next project will be

Courtney – Kennel Staff
Employed Since:  2018
Courtney is an energetic, charismatic, new-found dog lover.  She is the core of the boarding operation at the kennel.  There is no detail too small.  When it comes to the boarding dogs, she keeps everything under close supervision with details like making sure the dogs are properly fed, have had plenty of play time, and tucking them in with a comfy blanket for bed.
Most likely to see her:  outside petting and playing with the dogs

Krysta – Kennel Staff 
Employed Since: 2018
Krysta is a joyous, witty, dog fan.  She is well-rounded on the subjects of dogs and dirt.  She is always making sure all of the areas for the dogs are clean and tidy.  She makes every effort to change dirty waters and launder beds and blankets while giving all of the dogs individual attention.
Most likely to see her:  fawning over the cuteness of each dog

Head groomer at Willow Farm Pet Services in Vermont
   Jon, working his grooming magic!

Jon – Head Groomer
Employed Since: 2016
Jon is a comical, enthusiastic, dog connoisseur.  As the head groomer, he conquers all types of dog grooming related snafus.  Whether it be a skunk bath, a complex haircut or an anxious doggy client, he always finds a way to ensure a pleasing outcome.
Most likely to see him:  with a pristinely clean pet and a joke to make you laugh

Jenn – Groomer and Store Clerk
Employed Since: 2012
Jenn is a bubbly, outgoing, dog buff.  As a groomer, she can do just about anything.  She does simple baths, neaten-ups, or full haircuts.  
As a store clerk, she is knowledgeable on all of our products and services, and always answers questions and gives explanations with a smile.
Most likely to see her:  making friends with all the dogs that come by for a visit

Willie is Carolyn & Tom's grandpup!
Carolyn & Tom also had to say goodbye to their other grandpup, Willie. 
RIP, good boy.